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Questions to ask Before you Hire a Local Mover

Make sure that when you hear a great price, you will be paying that amount, and not some inflated bill. With Terry Moving and Storage, all of the basics are included in our hourly rate. Any materials, supplies or equipment we use or furnish to complete the move are included in the price, shrink wrap, tape, cardboard, wardrobe boxes, moving blankets, dollies, 4 wheel dollies, tools, etc. All of the disassembly and reassembly of furniture is included in the hourly rate. There are no extra charges for stairs, elevators, long carries or any other situations that your move happens to have. Any situations will add time to the bill, but no extra charges. Even if you are moving a piano, there are no additional charges for moving it.

Here are a list of questions to ask before you hire a moving company:

1. Are you licensed for local and long distance moves? California PUC Moving Company Lookup This link will allow you to search for a moving company by name.

2. What is included in the hourly rate? Make sure there are no extra charges, some moving companies will charge for each piece they shrink wrap, for stairs, or for anything out of the ordinary.

3. Do you charge "Double Drive Time", and what is your minimum drive time? Double Drive Time is a regulation for movers from the PUC, any moving company that doesn't charge it is probably not licensed. Most moving companies will have a 15 minute minimum drive time, for 30 minutes on the bill.

4. What is your fuel surcharge? Almost all moving companies will add a fuel surcharge, make sure you know what it is before you hire them.

5. What size trucks do you have? A 26' bobtail truck is the standard size for most local moves, and a 53' tractor trailer for larger local moves. The bobtail will accommodate up to a 3 bedroom home, the tractor trailer will hold up to a 6 bedroom home. If the movers show up with a 14' truck, there could be multiple trips (and additional time and costs) to complete the move.

6. Do you own your trucks, lease them, or are they rentals? Lots of licensed moving companies will rent trucks on occasion, overflow of jobs, truck in for repairs, truck out of town, etc. Leasing is also an option many licensed movers will use, a leased truck shows that the company is in business for the long haul. If a moving company is using only rental trucks, they are either unlicensed, or just starting out. A moving company the only uses rental truck can be a warning sign.