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Vaulted Secure Storage Units

Vaulted storage is much more secure and convenient than a standard self storage unit.

There are several things that make vaulted storage better:

Your items are all wrapped and padded with moving blankets and shrink wrap, offering greater protection for each item.

The units are sealed, minimizing the dust, insects and spiders that can get into your stored items.

Handling is reduced, the vaults are loaded, sealed, and then put put in the warehouse with a forklift.

Labor costs are reduced because the items are loaded into the vault and a forklift puts them in the storage warehouse and takes them out. With a self storage unit, the items are loaded into the storage unit, and then loaded back onto the truck for the move out.

Flexibility, as you move things out of storage, the number of vaults and your storage bill decreases, there is no need to move things from a 10x20 unit to a 10x10 unit.

When vaulted storage isn't the best option:

If you need to access your items on a constant regular basis. Basic storage access is free*, and our warehouse helpers will even help you unload and repack your vaults at no additional charge.

If you need to have immediate access to your items on an unscheduled basis. Any time you require access, we need a 24 hour notice to get your vault ready.

If you like to use Sunday as a day to handle storage chores. We're closed Sundays, the guys need a day off.

How vaulted storage access works:

Call us with a 24 hour advance notice.

Each vault has an inventory sheet attached, so if you need a few specific items, we can pull just the vaults you need, or if you need to see everything, we can pull every storage vault.

Show up, our storage personnel will help you unload the items from the vault, and will load the vault back up when you're done.

At Terry Moving and Storage, we offer four types of vaulted storage to fit your budget and needs, along with professional packing services.

Self Service Storage

Call us up and schedule a time to visit the warehouse, and we will help wrap and pad your items and load them into the vaults. Schedule a time for us to come out and we will load all of your items into the vaults, and bring them back to the warehouse. All you have to do is sit back and watch.

Delivered Storage Vaults Self Service

This is a convenient way to get secure storage, and also save some money. We will deliver as many vaults as you need, and you can load them up on your own time. Once the vaults are loaded, we will pick them up and bring them back to our warehouse.

Delivered Storage Vaults With a Single Moving Helper

This is the best of budget and effort. One of our moving professionals will wrap and pad the items and load them into the vaults at your location. Once the vaults are loaded, they are brought back to the warehouse. For insurance reasons, the moving helper can help with moving one man items, i.e. boxes, lamps, chairs, small furniture, etc., you will need to supply labor for the heavy items that require 2 men to lift and move i.e. hutches, heavy sofas, large tables, etc.

Professional Packing Services

For the ultimate in convenience, our professional packing services can't be beat. Just tell us what's going into storage, and our packing crew will load all of your items into boxes. This is really helpful for storing dishes and fragile items, because our packing crews are trained in the best way to wrap and protect fragile items. It's also great if you just don't want to deal with putting all sorts of items into boxes, and just want to make your storage go as quickly and conveniently as possible.

* Free storage access is limited to one time for each monthly billing period. Additional storage access in the same billing period will incur a warehouse handling fee.