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Storage Rental

Door-to-Door Delivery. Order Your Storage Unit Today! Cut Moving & Storage Cost by 50%.

We bring the storage unit to you. Start saving on direct labor cost today!

Do-It-Yourself Storage. We deliver it and you load it! To get started, just pick up the phone and schedule to have your storage unit delivered to your property. It's that simple! When you are done loading, call us and we pick up the unit onsite and transport it to your new location or back to our secure storage facility in Lake Forest, California.

Let Terry Moving & Storage bring the storage container to you where you can have your belongings safely loaded and transported to your new address or our secured storage facility. For the very best, all-inclusive storage you need to call us today!


    → Portable storage for home or business
    → Dry, clean, organized secured storage facility
    → Open for access 24/7, even holidays!
    → Affordability & Flexibility in products and services
    → Full-service pick-up & drop-off service
    → Outstanding customer care
    → No deposit
    → All packing and storage supplies available to you!

Terry Moving & Storage eager to become your go-to service

Get rid any ideas you may have regarding the use of another mobile storage service. While there are indeed some making a name for themselves today, none provide such complete mobile storage, stationary storage, provisions, and storage and moving services than Your Way, and the price is right. YOU and your home and business is our concern, and it shows in our provision. Call Terry Moving & Storage now and you will be making the best storage decision of your life!

The solution is obvious; close the phone book or leave that sub-standard portable storage site with the astronomical prices. Call or visit Terry Moving & Storage now and you will get the very best of absolutely everything 'STORAGE'!! Contact us today!

Schedule your FREE estimate today by dialing (866) 648-6683.

About 'Terry Moving & Storage'

Terry Moving & Storage is an incredible storage services which not only provides you with an innovative and convenient means of storing and moving your home or office items, it also provides you will the products and manpower you need to get the job done. You do not have to worry about taking your things to a expensive storage garage, wasting gasoline and money. Terry Moving & Storage will bring your unit to YOU, along with any other packing supplies you may need. Once the unit is packed, we pick it up and store it in a safe facility with 24/7 access at all times. When you need you things, we will bring your unit back to you. Our mobile storage services are fast, affordable, and they completely eliminate the hassle and dread associated with storage and moving tasks. Check out all we have to offer now!

Our Experience

Terry Moving & Storage is owned and operated by Terry Movers of Orange County. Terry Movers has over 25 years of solid experience in storage, packing, and relocations service, both commercial and residential, and has taken this experience and applied it to the Terry Moving & Storage dynamic. Now Terry is able to provide you with any and every storage and moving essential on the market. Forget those overpriced storage companies with expensive units and poor service. Get more than what you paid for when you use Terry Moving & Storage; you will be amazed at the incredible service you receive for the price you paid, and your will NEVER call another mobile storage company; Terry Moving & Storage is the very best, most thorough, caring, and customer oriented mobile storage service you will ever use.

Our Storage Services

Not only do we provide top-of-the-line mobile storage services which completely relieve you of storage headaches, we provide you with very best mobile storage. Not only will we provide the supplies you need, we will deliver the unit, pack it up, and take it to our highly-secure facility where it will be kept under vigilant security until you are ready to access it or have us deliver it for you. No trucks, just a lot of experience, skill, and a deep knowledge of the customers storage needs are what it takes to make Terry Moving & Storage the very best service of its kind. Call today and we will pack, store, and protect your things, and we will bring them to you all in one piece when the time comes. The dependability and competitive prices offered by Terry Moving & Storage make it the very best option for anyone, anywhere, any time. Call us today!


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