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Professional Full Service Packing for Moving and Storage

Need to move or put some items into a storage unit and don't want to deal with all of the time, hassles and details involved in getting ready for a move or storage visit? Then call us up and schedule a professional packing crew to help you with your move. Professional packers are trained in the best way to wrap and protect items, and what materials are needed. It makes the chore of moving much easier and quicker when all you have to do is make one phone call, and every part of your move is handled.

How a Full Service Move with Professional Packing is Completed

When you decide to let Terry Moving and Storage do everything for a full service move, expect your move to be a lot easier and quicker. For a smaller home or apartment, we send the professional packing crew out with the movers and they start the packing while the movers load up the heavy items. As the boxes are packed up, they are loaded onto the truck, so everything is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. If all of the packing is done before the move is completed, the packing crew will help finish off the last details of the move. With a larger home, we send the professional packing crew out a day or two in advance of the move. The packing crew will go through each room and pack up all of the items you specify. Some people will have just the kitchen and a few rooms and closets packed to help speed up the moving process, other people will want the entire home gone through and have everything packed up by the professionals. Having us do just the kitchen and fragile items will save you a lot of time in the preparation for your move.

"Remembering the Memories" is why Packing Takes so Long

The reason packing items yourself will usually take so long is those pauses where you look at an item, it brings back memories, and you reflect or talk about them. As you pull stuff out of a closet that you hadn't seen for a while, you will spend a few extra moments thinking about where you got it, when, and then finally, "Why did I buy this"? That's where the professional packing crew is different, to them it's not memories, it's part of a job that needs to be done quickly and professionally. There's no reason for the packing crew to reflect on an item, they look at the items as just that, items, not memories.